Welcome to the San Benito Wildlife & Nature Center; a conservancy within GREEN, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that rescues, houses, and  rehabilitates Chelonians from around the world.

We have the bold goal of repopulating the many threatened and endangered species of the order – world-wide.

Our mission is solely focused on the survival and repopulation of endangered and threatened species of tortoises and turtles worldwide.

Through community education and on-going research, GREEN’s San Benito Wildlife & Nature Center is documenting new ways to better understand and promote the magnificence of these amazing creatures through personal viewings and conservation awareness.

The San Benito Wildlife & Nature Center appreciates a diverse following of both national and International communities of exotic animal lovers and enthusiasts. We currently work with community and distant rescue shelters that cannot fulfill the needs of these exotic tortoises and turtles, and we partner with International wildlife preservations and conservation centers that are seeking to protect these animals in the wild.

We have an advanced species-specific protection program for the endangered and threatened species of Chelonians. Housing over 45 recognized species of tortoises found throughout the world today, and many types of sub-species, The San Benito Wildlife & Nature Center has multiple projects in the works for the protection and re population of the many unique and beautiful species of tortoises and turtles.

We are constantly improving our facilities in order to better provide state-of-the-art habitats that better ensure these delicate endangered species have a replica of their native habitats at the heart of their captivity.