Lonesome George and the future of Chelonoidis abingdoni

Lonesome George and the future of Chelonoidis abingdoni

Chelonoidis abingdoni

Chelonoidis abingdoni

The death of lonesome George was a tragedy. However, scientist on the Darwin Research Team and International conservation affiliates may be able to revive the Chelonoidis abingdoni. Lonesome George was the last pure species of the Pinta Island tortoise. On Isabella island scientist have analyzed the blood of the native tortoises and found to be relative genes in a specific locale of Galapagos tortoises. The 1600+ living specimens around Volcano Island on Isabella Island, they found 17+ sp[specimens that carry the genome, and DNA similarity of the Chelonoidis abingdoni or pinta island tortoise. Hope can only reveal the future revival for this species.


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