2 baby Aldabra tortoises

Our mission is to expand our facility’s programs to enhance the repopulation of endangered birds, tortoises and turtles around the globe.

Our Mission And Goals

The GREEN Nature Center is a part of Global Repopulation of Endangered Exotics Non-Profit, a 501c3 charitable organization.



We are dedicated to repopulating the many tortoise species disappearing from the wild.

We are a dedicated organization committed to the repopulation and protection of endangered and threatened species of turtles, tortoises, and birds from around the world.

These delicate animals depend on captive breeding programs, like ours, to ensure their survival in the wild.

GREEN Nature Center stands strong in our belief that many of the species that we breed in captivity at our facility will one day be able to safely return to the wild. But our goal is complex.

This goal requires a renewed awareness through education, and we are committed to creating curriculum programs to help all ages understand:

  1. why these animals are endangered;
  2. ways this problem can be resolved;
  3. how each unique country and various culture can succeed in adopting a renewed appreciation for the wildlife in their area.

Our ultimate goal is to re-introduce animals back into their natural habitats, which is a complicated and delicate process. We continuously research the ever-changing scientific principles of adaptation, which we have discovered begins with the re-creation of their natural habitats while in captivity.

a baby Sulcata hatching

One of our missions is to enhance the survival of tortoises from around the world.

Our Future Projections

Each year, more and more species of tortoises disappear in the wild at unimaginable rates. They are dying at the hands of:

  1. human consumption;
  2. the pet trade;
  3. for medicinal purposes;
  4. as casualties of habitat destruction.

Our mission at GREEN Center is to educate and motivate people all around the world to respect Nature’s most delicate creatures, and to help repopulate them so we can keep them from falling prey to extinction.

A Washatonian palm

An Everglade palm on our facility.