Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Director/Founder Kelly Hull

Director/Founder Kelly Hull

Director – Kelly H. Hull

Kelly Hull was born an animal lover and nature conservationist. He has been actively preserving endangered wildlife for over 25 years. In 2005, Hull incorporated his facility into a 501c3 organization.

In 2015, Hull established the GREEN Nature Center on 16-acres in South Texas. The unique property had been left untouched for over 10 years, and, hence, Hull realized that the immense wildlife and native plants and trees on the property aligned with his conservation initiatives.

The facility currently houses over 200 species of endangered turtles and tortoises from around the world, and over 50 rare birds, both native to Texas and originating from habitats worldwide.

Since the start of his career as a construction superintendent in 2007, Hull oversees the construction of multi-million dollar high-rise condominiums, and corporate rental and retail properties. As a product of his construction experience, Hull has mastered replicating and constructing the natural habitats of the turtles, tortoises, and birds located at GREEN Nature Center. He designs and constructs their enclosures to mirror their natural habitats within the wild, securing the health and longevity of each species.

Hull’s research is ongoing, and he continuously writes educational articles for the website Hull consults professionals, as well as hobbyists, worldwide concerning his research and habitat expertise.

It is Hull’s goal to enhance further global protection, awareness, and re-population programs for Chelonians across the globe.

Curator – Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN

Curator Dr.Janet Hull

Curator Dr.Janet Hull

Dr. Hull is the on-site curator for the GREEN Nature Center. Dr. Hull holds degrees in International Geography, Environmental Science, Toxicology, and Holistic Nutrition. She is a university environmental science professor and author, and writes educational curriculum programs for GREEN. Using her education experience and her ongoing research on current environmental changes and cultural patterns, she designs educational outreach programs to teach all ages about the current threats to the survival of endangered species, worldwide.

Secretary/Treasurer – Jenna Serrano

Treasurer Jenna Serrano

Secretary/Treasurer Jenna Serrano

Jenna grew up on the Broken Cedar Ranch in the Piney Woods of East Texas, outside Nacogdoches, Texas. Jenna developed her passion for learning about plants and animals on this beautiful, 150-acres of green pastures with a variety of different species of trees, including native Texas Pines and Cedar.

Although she spent over 10 years raising cattle and riding horses, her true passion is studying reptiles and endangered species. After graduating with a degree in Spanish from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, Jenna enjoys visiting Spanish-speaking countries all over the world and learning about Hispanic cultures and the indigenous wildlife in those areas.

Her favorite past time is zip-lining through the lush rainforests of Costa Rica and surfing the waves off Playa Grande Beach, where she continues to research the Leatherback turtles living along this Costa Rican beach.

Technical Director & Marketing – Andrew Smith

Our web and marketing director, Andy Smith

Tech & Marketing – Andy Smith

Andy has been a web guru since the mid ’90s back in the day when computers were the size of a baby Aldabra tortoise. He is a master at digital marketing, and is a critical piece to GREEN’S ability to reach Internationally via the worldwide web.

All of our videos, fundraisers, and educational programs are viewable because of Andy.

Andy has a passion for the preservation of the native plants and trees found at GRREN Nature Center. He is our horticultural apprentice, and takes an active role with tech outreach opportunities.