Close up of Burmese Star shell

One of our fundraisers – a framed picture of a Burmese Star tortoise shell.

GREEN’s The San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center is a 501c3 non-profit deemed as a charitable organization Public Charity Status 170(b) (1) (A) (vi).

Contributions are our sole source of funding, and are a critical part of our operation to safeguard the future of all the endangered and threatened species that we house and rehab.

All of our animals receive the highest level of supervision and care, including replicating their natural habitats and diets to match to their native environments. We provide medical screenings and any medical procedures needed, including surgeries.

Without public and private contributions to keep us going, these beautiful and endangered animals would not survive to make it back into the wild.

We work with various programs, from local elementary schools and home-schools to universities. We contribute to our local community by helping juveniles satisfy mandated-work and community service hours through working at our facility.

We design educational programs for the Internet, and focus on the education of preserving these aniamls in countries outside of the USA where the capture of endangered turtles and tortoises is a part of local survival for profits in the meat markets and in the pet trade.

GREEN is currently sponsoring two International preservation programs; one in Senegal, West Africa and the other in Bangladesh. Both of these programs are vital to the preservation of endangered tortoises poached for the food markets and the pet trade in their respective countries. These International programs, like all conservation programs, cannot succeed without financial help – we are paying it forward. 

Kelly Hull shaking hands with Tomas.

Kelly Hull and Tomas Diagne, Senegal, West Africa. We work with International conservationists to “pay it forward.”

Please help us help these exquisite animals continue to populate our planet – you can make a difference by participating in our fundraising efforts or by making a tax-exempt donation.