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Thank you for your support.

The San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center is pleased to announce our fundraiser gift that helps us help our sponsors fulfill a variety of global goals.

We are always giving back to our cherished endangered and threatened community of wildlife to keep them safe from humanity’s never-ending destruction and plight. These precious shelled creatures capture our hearts and inspire us to fulfill our obligations to keep them safe and thriving alongside our human paths.

As a sponsor, our 2017 fundraiser will remind you of the fulfillment we all get from doing everything in our power to save endangered species – particularly the many forgotten tortoises and turtles worldwide.

What We Do To Help The Tortoises

Our organization works to save, rehabilitate, and provide “forever homes” at our local facility, and eventually sent home to many of the protected facilities worldwide.  Any unwanted or mistreated tortoises or turtles deserve to live many more long and healthy years, and are welcome to join us at The San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center. Nothing will stop our organization from growing and expanding new accommodations to reach our goals to house sick and abused animals. We are, indeed, receiving more and more relinquished animals, year after year.

These magnificent shelled creatures are severely threatened worldwide, and many have suffered severe malformation and have been mistreated within the pet trade; so, we seek your help. We ask for your contributions to support our fundraising campaigns.

Thank You For Your Help

Our “thank you” to our sponsors and the caring individuals is a piece of art that portrays the diverse tortoise beauty  – rare, professional photographic displays of our shelled friends. Our fundraiser offers your choice of one of the following professional photographs; an 8×10 size matted and sleeved photo displaying the fine details of the natural art of tortoises around the world.

Donating Plus A Photo

Please note on the PayPal page which photograph you would like to receive as a thank you for your donation.  Shipping is included in your donation amount. Thank you for your support.

Burmese Star

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Pancake 1



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Solar LED Light

The Swift Outdoor solar LED light is a newly developed solar technology. This Eco friendly light is perfect for remote areas, like barns, gate entries in rural areas, tree lighting, added security in backyards, or even just adding a little light to a walkway at your house. Many more applications without the hassle of installing wire, electrical boxes, and changing light bulbs. Installation is very simple.

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These are amazing solar lights

Product Information

1-year manufacturers warranty

6w LED light bulb

LED light is operated of photocell. It will automatically turn on at sundown.

Sensor operates light at 30% capacity until motion sensor is triggered then light will operate at 100% capacity allowing the light to operate to full capacity during the entire night.



Easy installation lets you mount to Structures, Poles, or Trees with ease.

solar light on the top of a building

We put solar lights on our buildings.



The solar lights provide safety and beauty.

The solar lights provide safety and beauty.












All proceeds go towards non-profit funding for operations of the nature park and wildlife facilities.

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Shipping and Handling $18 USD