Kelly Hull shaking hands with Tomas.

A grateful “thank you” to our sponsors.

Our basis for operation is funded by our gracious donations of funds, labor, and building materials furnished by both public and private institutions and individuals.

We are grateful for all of the kind, generous, and considerate support that we receive from the community.

Our Sponsors

Alvin Dunn  Simmons Oak Palm Nursery donates palm trees and native plants monthly to enhance the native plants in the animal pens and along the walkways throughout the nature center.

The Hullistic Network donates and maintains the land and electricity.

The Pickle Network provides technical and computer operations and marketing, including web development, video, and strategic online direction.

Crimson Construction provides building materials for our exhibits and enclosures, assisting in facility expansions needed to maintain our State of the Art husbandry.

Dr. Teleah Grand DVM (Animal Care Center) provides x-rays, vet services, and medical needs for our rescue animals, and wellness examinations.

Dr.Pete Koplos DVM (El Paso 24hr Emergency Clinic) provides educational and hospital services when we need technical advice. He has been an invaluable source of information to expand our staff’s awareness.

He has also been a source of morale, and shares much detailed and unique information about the numerous species that we facilitate.

Becoming A Sponsor

An Everglade palm

Help support our facility.

If you would like to become one of our sponsors to help our cause, please visit the link at the bottom of the Home Page to donate securely through Paypal.  You can also contact us via email or phone for “a meet and greet.”