Burmese Star (Geochelone Platynota)

Burmese Star

Burmese Star (Geochelone Platynota)

Range – Myanmar (Formerly Burma)

Habitat – The Burmese Star Inhabits dry, deciduous forest in a mixture of sandy, rocky, and partially forested areas in Myanmar. The area is remotely dry to the area, yet still consists of relatively high humidity being in the Southeast Asian geographical region. Typically lives and hides under low lying bushes and trees, just on the outskirts of tropical rainforest. This species is classified under a grassland species.

Diet– The Burmese Star diet in the wild consists of a variety of grasses, succulents, and  broad-leafed plants native to the Myanmar grasslands.

Size– 13+” Larger of the star species.

Conservation– Critically Endangered. Many groups around the globe are putting forth a large effort to sustain wild populations. In recent expeditions, researchers had insufficient data to sustain a solid and accurate number of findings in its native lands; believed to be well under 400 specimens left in the wild. This is a crucial species under Cites Appendix I and all efforts are needed to support this beautiful, very endangered species that is close to   extinction in the wild.



Burmese Star (Geochelone Platynota Profile)


Male Burmese Star (Geochelone Platynota)

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