Conservation Programs

It is our passion to work with turtles and tortoises in captivity all over the world. Our primary focus is keeping threatened and endangered species safe in the wild. Over the past decades, turtles and tortoises have rapidly perished at an alarming rate all over the globe. We seek to actively participate in ending this needless genocide.

We currently work with Non-Profit organizations abroad that facilitate grassroots conservation programs; not only on behalf of the animals, but by working with local villagers and indigenous peoples, educating them on the dangers of poaching, consuming, and practicing taboo rituals that result in these shelled creatures ending in peril. Hence, their numbers are decreasing rapidly.

West African Project

Kelly Hull(Director GREEN) and Tomas Diagne(Director ACI)

The African Chelonian Institute is our partner in kinixys homeana (Homes hinge-back tortoise) conservation. Tomas Diagne is the director of the ACI and has a stellar reputation for his efforts in reintroducing the African Sulcata tortoises back into the wild in Western Africa where the Sulcata (Centrochelys Sulcata) tortoises’ numbers in the wild are declining due to poaching and pet-trade collections.

Our organization has funded and supported the ACI for the construction of enclosures at their facility to accommodate captive bred specimens of kinixys homeana.

Their reintroduction into the wild is an ongoing project in the nations of Benin, Togo, Congo, Ivory Coast, and Senegal. These animals will be radio tracked for range mapping, migratory patterns, and movements in the wet/dry seasons. Radio tracking will also prove to be an easier method to locate the animals that are released to gain knowledge of unknown factors involved with this critically endangered species of tortoise.

Kinixys Homeana

Kinixys Homeana at the San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center

To help us continue to aide with this project, please contact us and let us know how you can help us make a difference stopping the rapid disappearance of these amazing animals.