indoor tortoise pens with UV lights on

Director Kelly Hull designs and builds state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor pens at our facility.

At our wildlife and nature center, we strive to keep our vast variety of tortoise species in their “native” environment – in as much of a real life environment as possible – similar to the way they are naturally found in the wild.

Over the years, we have adopted a variety of construction methods allowing us to design and fulfill the utmost re-created environments for our species.

Our designs maintain constant humidity that is kept either really high or really low depending on the species’ requirements and natural habitats. We have various buildings constructed throughout 16-acres of native land; all amid a forest of shaded areas for our tortoises to keep out of the direct, South Texas sun.

an Ebony tree trunk with measuring tape

One of the many Ebony trees on our facility.

Our larger species have plenty of  room to graze on natural grasses crucial for their dietary needs.

Our Property

Most of our enclosures are positioned into tree lines for added shade and moisture. The facility encumbers a 16 acre tract of native Rio Grande Valley wildlife, with a 5-acre ancient oxbow lake that is home to native and migratory birds. We are always expanding and bettering our exhibits and enclosures to best fit the natural environment of these wonderful animals.

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brown pen columbians 2 leopard pen pen photo (5) photo (6) photo (9)perodos


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Our newest additions are our SE Asian Hoop House and our Texas Tortoise Native Habitat. The pens encompass over 15,000 square feet of shaded mixtures of over 17 species of native plants and grasses. The Texas Tortoise is a seed propagator in the wild, and they must have adequate room for their muscle and bone development.  Photos coming soon.