Forstens (Indotestudo Forstenii)

Forstens (Indotestudo Forstenii)

Forstens (Indotestudo Forstenii)

Range- Celebes Islands, Indonesia, Sulawesi


Habitat- The Forstens tortoise is a very deep dry rain forest dweller. This species is a very peculiar species in its native thickly forested locations. Forstens tend to live in very deep in the Southeast Asian rain forest on the Celebs, and in Sulawesi. The terrain is very thick, dark and rough. There are some grasslands, but very few. The Forstens does not inhabit the grasslands there though. This species is crepuscular in nature, tending to be most active in the early evenings, and very early mornings.


Diet- Broad-leafed plants, fruits fallen from native trees and fruiting plants. Forstens are omnivores and will consume a large variety of insects, worms, snails, and even amphibians.  Occassional will consume carrion, if it is present.


Size- Adult size is 11-13”.  Males and Females tend to be about the same size; however females do get a little wider than males and show more of a rounded aspect than the elongated feature of the male.


Conservation- Endangered, and increasingly showing signs of a downfall in native numbers. Pet trade and Asian food markets have been a huge contributing factor to the Forstens plight. This species finds it relatively difficult to adapt to captivity and has posed many complications in captive breeding conservation; although there has been positive some increase in success over the years.

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