Homes Hingeback (Kinixys Homeana)

Range – Sierra Leon, Liberia, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Gabon, and some parts of Togo. This species lives in very swampy regions in the western African jungle areas. They are much like Kinixys erosa, but are a smaller and more wetland tortoise. They are very good at tucking into their shells to avoid predators.


Diet – Omnivorous by nature they will eat snails, worms, fungus, fruits, some greenery from low lying swamp lands, fish, mushrooms, and have even been seen eating deceased animals.


Size – up to 9″


Conservation – Classified as vulnerable. Huge habitat loss in their native regions is a main concern for this species. Over the past 40 years the wild numbers have been decreased by 40%. Medicinal usage, meat trade and exportation for pet trade is having a huge impact on this species.  Data has been somewhat deficient, so we regard them as a highly focused species here at our conservation program.

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