Indotestudo Elongata Feeding Habits In The Wild

Indotestudo Elongata

By Kelly Hull
Indotestudo elongate (Elongated Tortoise) are a very interesting species of tortoise found in South East Asia. primarily found in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Elongated are an omnivorous species of tortoise. They have been found eating carrion, crabs, lots of snails, and even other dead tortoises.

The animals at our conservation facility have shown a preference for more protein-based diets. They tend to favor extreme amounts of calcium, as well. In captivity, it is sometimes hard to simulate a native enclosure or habitat. This also encumbers their wild behavior. If they have limits and boundaries, which they do in captivity, they can’t hunt. The best way to describe this is like feeding a lion that just sits as opposed to the “chase” to find its prey, as they do in the wild.

Great Article on these guys in their homeland.

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