Korean Government To Purchase Land Rights Gets “Axed” by Malagasy President.


By Kelly Hull

Madagascar has had many issues regarding the conservation of animals. The majority of its land is slashed and burned. Much of the real estate is sold for mineral rights, crop propagation and agriculture, and mined for the riches in the soil.

In a refreshing turn of events, the Malagasy people stood up and hammered down against the Korean nationals who are trying to purchase their land. It’s a justified fight for not only tortoise conservation, but for the many other animals found on the Island of Madagascar.

Lemurs, Chameleons, snakes, and birds are all victims to these land practices. But, the nation is impoverished, and money overcomes conservation. The best thing that we can do is educate the people. Within education comes the responsibility to understand the consequences, and new methods of agriculture can be introduced. Through awareness, the land’s most precious and almost extinct animals can be protected from harms way.



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