Natals Hinge Back (Kinixys Natalensis)

Range-Southern Mozambique to Republic of South Africa

Habitat-Regions where the Natals is found has such a diverse geographical comprise. The land survey can depict from grasslands to rocky hillsides with gorges in between. Primarily the areas very the Natals are found is along the small forest or tree clusters along rocky, hilly, and grasslands for food consumption. The variety of plants is very diverse as well from many succulents to dry grasses and evergreen like brush.

Diet-Little is known about the gut contents of wild specimens as for exact plant species. They are known to forage on some grasses, succulents, and broad leaf plants. A good amount their diet is also beetles, worms, and snails.

Size-Natals are the smallest of the hinge-back tortoise species, as adults reaching 6”

Conservation-Listed IUCN near threatened. Although they are considered to be a vulnerable species in our program. Conservation is still viewed a need for this species. Data is not recorded as a high priority for this species, so inconclusive findings, leads us to believe they still need captive assurance breeding programs.

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