African Tortoise Pictures

Bells Hingeback (Kinixys Belliana Belliana)

Bells Hingeback (Kinixys Belliana Belliana) Range-Somalia, northern Mozambique to east Cameroon and Nigeria. Centrally ranging in Africa. This species does overlap in range with the western bells (Kinixys Belliana Nogyuei) a complete different species commonly identified as Belliana Belliana. Habitat-Belliana … Read More »

Zombensis Hingeback (Kinixys Zombensis)

Zombensis (Kinixys zombensis) Range-Somalia to Republic of South Africa only inhabiting eastern regions of Africa. There range does not go much further from east to west by about 350 or so kilometers inland from the coast. Habitat-Savanas where the zombensis … Read More »

Lobatse Hingeback (Kinixys Lobatsiana)

Lobatse Hingeback (Kinixys Lobatsiana) Range-Kenya to Republic of South Africa only inhabiting eastern regions of Africa. There range does not go much further from east to west by about 400 or so kilometers inland from the coast. Habitat-Savanas where the … Read More »

Pyxis Planicauda

    Flat Tailed Tortoise(Pyxis Planicauda) Range-Central Western  Madagascar. Habitat-Low land dry forest comprise of this species habitat in Western Madagascar. They are endemic only at the basin of the rivers Monrondava and Tsirbihina. A mixture of forests and thorny bushes … Read More »

Pyxis Arachnoides Brygooi

  Range-Northern  Madagascar. Habitat-Coastal Forests mixed with thorn bush makes up most the pyxis arachnoides brygooi species habitat. Little rainfall occurs in these areas. When the dryest part of the season comes around they will aestivate after laying their eggs. Ounce … Read More »

Natals Hinge Back (Kinixys Natalensis)

Range-Southern Mozambique to Republic of South Africa Habitat-Regions where the Natals is found has such a diverse geographical comprise. The land survey can depict from grasslands to rocky hillsides with gorges in between. Primarily the areas very the Natals are … Read More »

Pancake (Malacochersus Tornieri)

Range- Eastern Africa, Somalia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Habitat-The pancake tortoise lives up in mountainous regions in eastern Africa. The landscape is very rocky, and has little life of plants. What plants do live there are thorny succulents, and trees. Little … Read More »

Homes Hingeback (Kinixys Homeana)

Range – Sierra Leon, Liberia, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Gabon, and some parts of Togo. This species lives in very swampy regions in the western African jungle areas. They are much like Kinixys erosa, but are a … Read More »

Serrated Hingeback (Kinixys Erosa)

Range – Sierra Leon, Togo, Uganda, Ghana, Gambia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Angola, Nigeria, and Liberia.   Habitat – Serrated hinge-back tortoises are found in regions of tropical rain forests along the mid-levels in these African nations in mountainous and cloud forest type … Read More »

Radiated (Astrochelys Radiata)

Range- Madagascar, primarily on the west and east southern regions of the Island.   Habitat- The Radiated tortoise is a forest- and savanna-dwelling species. The unique and diverse geographical anomaly of Madagascar plays a very different role in the common … Read More »

Leopard (Stigmochelys Pardalis Babcocki)

Range- Central Northeastern to Southern Africa.   Habitat- Grasslands to subtropics make up the wide variety of the Leopard tortoises range. South Saharan Desert gets very warm during the day. Large variety of grassy pastures and mixtures of different soils like … Read More »

African Spur Thigh (Centrochelys Sulcata)

Range- Northern African Saharan Desert, Chad, Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Senegal, Ethiopia.  Large span of Northern Africa is inhabited. Habitat- Given the large area in which the Sulcata is found, the majority of the landscape and natural habitat is very dry … Read More »

Speks Hingeback (Kinixys Belliana Spekii)

Range- Southeast Africa. Swaziland, Tanzania, and Mozambique.   Habitat- Speks Hingeback tortoises live in the grasslands and marshes in South East Africa. These small, unique tortoises are accustomed to very hot and dry conditions seasonally that is relatively common to South African nations. … Read More »

Asian Tortoise Pictures

Indotestudo Elongata Feeding Habits In The Wild

By Kelly Hull Indotestudo elongate (Elongated Tortoise) are a very interesting species of tortoise found in South East Asia. primarily found in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Elongated are an omnivorous species of tortoise. They have been found eating carrion, … Read More »

The Burmese Brown Mountain (Manouria Emys Emys)

Range – Southeast Asia. from Eastern India all the way down to Borneo and Sumatra. Habitat – Burmese Mountains are a forest-floor dweller in the very humid and wet rain forest in Southeast Asia. This species is one of the only tortoise species that … Read More »

Impressed Tortoise (Manouria Impressa)

Range- Impressed tortoises are found in Southeast Asia in nations of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand. Habitat- The Impressed tortoise lives in mountainous regions of very thick and cool dark rain forest at very high elevations. The dense forest limit … Read More »

Burmese Star (Geochelone Platynota)

Range – Myanmar (Formerly Burma) Habitat – The Burmese Star Inhabits dry, deciduous forest in a mixture of sandy, rocky, and partially forested areas in Myanmar. The area is remotely dry to the area, yet still consists of relatively high … Read More »

Elongated (Indotestudo Elongata)

Range- Eastern India, Southeast Asia, as far south as Borneo.   Habitat- A lot like the Forstens, the Elongated tortoise is found in thick, deep-forested areas, both wet and dry forest areas of South East Asia. They inhabit a wide … Read More »

Forstens (Indotestudo Forstenii)

Range- Celebes Islands, Indonesia, Sulawesi   Habitat- The Forstens tortoise is a very deep dry rain forest dweller. This species is a very peculiar species in its native thickly forested locations. Forstens tend to live in very deep in the Southeast … Read More »

Sri Lanken Star (Geochelone Elegans)

  Range- Sri Lanka Habitat- Island of Sri Lanka. Environment similar to that of the Indian Star. Sri Lanka does have a bit more humidity and tropical terrain than India. The Sri Lankan Star’s native terrain is very similar, but … Read More »

Indian Star (Geochelone Elegans)

Range- India, Eastern Pakistan, and Sri Lanka Habitat-Indian Star tortoises inhabit dry semi-grassland areas and can be found all over India. Recent studies have shown that because of the physical differences of the Northern, Southern, and Sri Lanken varieties, that … Read More »

European/Eurasian Tortoise Pictures

Greek Tortoise (Testudo Graeca Iberia)

Range-Greek tortoises are found in the Mediterranean. The Greek tortoise lays claim to Northern Africa, Southern Europe(Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey). They are also found in Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and sometimes Georgia and Azerbaijan. Habitat- Depending on which … Read More »

Steppe Tortoise (Agrionemys Horsfieldii)

Steppe Tortoise (Agrionemys Horsfieldii)Range-Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Western China. Habitat-Steppe tortoises live in very dry climates with shrubbery and very sparse grass. They are prone to some seriously harsh winters. They are a very active species that endures rightfully so given … Read More »

Egyptian (Testudo Kleinmanni)

Range – Egypt and Libya are the Egyptian tortoises range, although this species is very near extinction in the nation of Egypt. They can still be found in the coastal regions of Libya. Habitat – Dry deserts and semi-arid landscapes comprise the … Read More »

North American Tortoise Pictures

Texas Tortoise (Gopherus Berlandieri)

Range-Texas Tortoises can be found not only in the state of Texas but in regions of northern Mexico as well. Habitat-Texas tortoises are found in grasslands and very dry savanna like territories. They have an extreme tolerance to heat and … Read More »

South American Tortoise Pictures

Yellow Foot (Chelonoidis Denticulata)

  Range-South America. These species of tortoise is very similar to the red-footed tortoise(Chelonoidis Carbonaria). Yellow-Foot tortoises are found in deeper forest regions. Whereas the red-foots are found in more outlined forest savannas, than in the actual forest. The yellow-foot … Read More »

Red-Foot (Chelonoidis Carbonaria)

Range – South America along the outskirts of the Amazon Basin. Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and regional Islands Trinidad/Tobago, Barbados, and Corn Island. Habitat – The range of the Red-Foot tortoise is tropical … Read More »

Chaco (Geochelone Chilensis)

Range – Chaco tortoises are found in the Chaco desert regions of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. The Gran Chaco is a diverse style of desert in South America. The northern region of the Gran Chaco is the dry region where the … Read More »