Pyxis Arachnoides Brygooi


Pyxis arachnoides Brygooi

Range-Northern  Madagascar.

Habitat-Coastal Forests mixed with thorn bush makes up most the pyxis arachnoides brygooi species habitat. Little rainfall occurs in these areas. When the dryest part of the season comes around they will aestivate after laying their eggs. Ounce the dry season is over they become more active and begin foraging on succulents from the main fauna found in the region.

Diet- Didieraceae comprises of the majority of plant life and is eaten mainly by the Pyxis species. Some grasses, and fruits from succulents and plant matter are eaten too.

Size-Males 5+” . Females 5+”

Conservation-Critically Endangered and are a red list species. Becoming more and more eminent to being  extinct.

Pyxis Arachnoides Brygooi

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