Pyxis Planicauda

Pyxis Planicauda



Flat Tailed Tortoise(Pyxis Planicauda)

Range-Central Western  Madagascar.

Habitat-Low land dry forest comprise of this species habitat in Western Madagascar. They are endemic only at the basin of the rivers Monrondava and Tsirbihina. A mixture of forests and thorny bushes make up most of the fauna in the immediate area. They are only active during the wet season, and then bury underground during the dry cooler season.

Diet- Succulents, Mushrooms, and fruits from cacti and trees in the area. They have been observed very rarely eating carrion.

Size-Males 6” . Females 6”

Conservation-Critically Endangered and are a red list species. Becoming more and more eminent to being  extinct.

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