Serrated Hingeback (Kinixys Erosa)

Serrated Hinge-Back(Kinixys Erosa)

Serrated Hinge-Back(Kinixys Erosa)

Range – Sierra Leon, Togo, Uganda, Ghana, Gambia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Angola, Nigeria, and Liberia.


Habitat – Serrated hinge-back tortoises are found in regions of tropical rain forests along the mid-levels in these African nations in mountainous and cloud forest type regions. They are found in moderate to cool environments, low light levels, and very high humidity with constant moisture from mountainous rainfall. These species mimic a true camouflage of forest leaves and are active during nighttime and early morning hours and remain lifeless and limit their movement when midday temps are warmer.


Diet – Very little is known about the wild diet of this species. They do very well in captivity on high levels of moist fruits such as cantaloupe, watermelon, honey dew, papaya, bananas as well as snails, mushrooms, worms and even tuna fish. Being omnivores they do require a more balanced diet with more protein than other species of Chelonian herbivores. Often will eat moss and fungus from dead or decaying trees.


Size – 12-14″


Conservation – Data is deficient in the native regions for an exact classification of the wild populations. Large numbers are exported yearly and there is a very high mortality rate in captivity. This species is a redlined species by our conservation program and there is high focus on captive breeding efforts to ensure the wild population does not decline further.


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