Tortoises found in Africa

Africa is home to over 8 genus, 26 species of tortoises, and 46 subspecies of tortoises. Many African nations have some very distinct and critically endangered species on the planet.

South African and East African islands have initiated a great seize and ban on exportation of many species helping them to not decline. Conservation groups have also been focused to keeping many African species of tortoises in studbooks and captive breeding programs. A strong presents of conservation still needs to focus much of the assurance of species from this great continent.

Bells Hingeback (Kinixys Belliana Belliana)

Bells Hingeback (Kinixys Belliana Belliana) Range-Somalia, northern Mozambique to east Cameroon and Nigeria. Centrally ranging in Africa. This species does overlap in range with the western bells (Kinixys Belliana Nogyuei) a complete different species commonly identified as Belliana Belliana. Habitat-Belliana … Read More »

Zombensis Hingeback (Kinixys Zombensis)

Zombensis (Kinixys zombensis) Range-Somalia to Republic of South Africa only inhabiting eastern regions of Africa. There range does not go much further from east to west by about 350 or so kilometers inland from the coast. Habitat-Savanas where the zombensis … Read More »

Lobatse Hingeback (Kinixys Lobatsiana)

Lobatse Hingeback (Kinixys Lobatsiana) Range-Kenya to Republic of South Africa only inhabiting eastern regions of Africa. There range does not go much further from east to west by about 400 or so kilometers inland from the coast. Habitat-Savanas where the … Read More »

Pyxis Planicauda

    Flat Tailed Tortoise(Pyxis Planicauda) Range-Central Western  Madagascar. Habitat-Low land dry forest comprise of this species habitat in Western Madagascar. They are endemic only at the basin of the rivers Monrondava and Tsirbihina. A mixture of forests and thorny bushes … Read More »

Pyxis Arachnoides Brygooi

  Range-Northern  Madagascar. Habitat-Coastal Forests mixed with thorn bush makes up most the pyxis arachnoides brygooi species habitat. Little rainfall occurs in these areas. When the dryest part of the season comes around they will aestivate after laying their eggs. Ounce … Read More »

Natals Hinge Back (Kinixys Natalensis)

Range-Southern Mozambique to Republic of South Africa Habitat-Regions where the Natals is found has such a diverse geographical comprise. The land survey can depict from grasslands to rocky hillsides with gorges in between. Primarily the areas very the Natals are … Read More »

Pancake (Malacochersus Tornieri)

Range- Eastern Africa, Somalia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Habitat-The pancake tortoise lives up in mountainous regions in eastern Africa. The landscape is very rocky, and has little life of plants. What plants do live there are thorny succulents, and trees. Little … Read More »

Homes Hingeback (Kinixys Homeana)

Range – Sierra Leon, Liberia, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Gabon, and some parts of Togo. This species lives in very swampy regions in the western African jungle areas. They are much like Kinixys erosa, but are a … Read More »

Serrated Hingeback (Kinixys Erosa)

Range – Sierra Leon, Togo, Uganda, Ghana, Gambia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Angola, Nigeria, and Liberia.   Habitat – Serrated hinge-back tortoises are found in regions of tropical rain forests along the mid-levels in these African nations in mountainous and cloud forest type … Read More »

Radiated (Astrochelys Radiata)

Range- Madagascar, primarily on the west and east southern regions of the Island.   Habitat- The Radiated tortoise is a forest- and savanna-dwelling species. The unique and diverse geographical anomaly of Madagascar plays a very different role in the common … Read More »

Leopard (Stigmochelys Pardalis Babcocki)

Range- Central Northeastern to Southern Africa.   Habitat- Grasslands to subtropics make up the wide variety of the Leopard tortoises range. South Saharan Desert gets very warm during the day. Large variety of grassy pastures and mixtures of different soils like … Read More »

African Spur Thigh (Centrochelys Sulcata)

Range- Northern African Saharan Desert, Chad, Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Senegal, Ethiopia.  Large span of Northern Africa is inhabited. Habitat- Given the large area in which the Sulcata is found, the majority of the landscape and natural habitat is very dry … Read More »

Speks Hingeback (Kinixys Belliana Spekii)

Range- Southeast Africa. Swaziland, Tanzania, and Mozambique.   Habitat- Speks Hingeback tortoises live in the grasslands and marshes in South East Africa. These small, unique tortoises are accustomed to very hot and dry conditions seasonally that is relatively common to South African nations. … Read More »