AsiaAsia has a very broad spectrum of species of tortoises from all sorts of unique, ancient and unique species of tortoises throughout the regions of Asia. Within the Asiatic regions there are 3 genus, and 9 species of tortoises.

A vast majority of Southeast Asian species of tortoises are severely threatened and endangered due to poaching, consumption, collection for pet trade, and religious sacrament. We have dedicated a focus to accommodate our facility construction to a state of the art greenhouse for the delicate and unique weather structure Southeast Asia presents to its species.

Indotestudo Elongata Feeding Habits In The Wild

By Kelly Hull Indotestudo elongate (Elongated Tortoise) are a very interesting species of tortoise found in South East Asia. primarily found in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Elongated are an omnivorous species of tortoise. They have been found eating carrion, … Read More »

The Burmese Brown Mountain (Manouria Emys Emys)

Range – Southeast Asia. from Eastern India all the way down to Borneo and Sumatra. Habitat – Burmese Mountains are a forest-floor dweller in the very humid and wet rain forest in Southeast Asia. This species is one of the only tortoise species that … Read More »

Impressed Tortoise (Manouria Impressa)

Range- Impressed tortoises are found in Southeast Asia in nations of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand. Habitat- The Impressed tortoise lives in mountainous regions of very thick and cool dark rain forest at very high elevations. The dense forest limit … Read More »

Burmese Star (Geochelone Platynota)

Range – Myanmar (Formerly Burma) Habitat – The Burmese Star Inhabits dry, deciduous forest in a mixture of sandy, rocky, and partially forested areas in Myanmar. The area is remotely dry to the area, yet still consists of relatively high … Read More »

Elongated (Indotestudo Elongata)

Range- Eastern India, Southeast Asia, as far south as Borneo.   Habitat- A lot like the Forstens, the Elongated tortoise is found in thick, deep-forested areas, both wet and dry forest areas of South East Asia. They inhabit a wide … Read More »

Forstens (Indotestudo Forstenii)

Range- Celebes Islands, Indonesia, Sulawesi   Habitat- The Forstens tortoise is a very deep dry rain forest dweller. This species is a very peculiar species in its native thickly forested locations. Forstens tend to live in very deep in the Southeast … Read More »

Sri Lanken Star (Geochelone Elegans)

  Range- Sri Lanka Habitat- Island of Sri Lanka. Environment similar to that of the Indian Star. Sri Lanka does have a bit more humidity and tropical terrain than India. The Sri Lankan Star’s native terrain is very similar, but … Read More »

Indian Star (Geochelone Elegans)

Range- India, Eastern Pakistan, and Sri Lanka Habitat-Indian Star tortoises inhabit dry semi-grassland areas and can be found all over India. Recent studies have shown that because of the physical differences of the Northern, Southern, and Sri Lanken varieties, that … Read More »