In these regions you will find a majority of Testudo species of tortoises. Mainly most are



found in southern European nations like Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Syria,   Kazakhstan  Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan etc.. European and Eurasian species of tortoises are hibernating or brumation species North of the equator. The Genus of Testudo is a very interesting and neat classification with many species. All are primarily relatively small in size. The largest Testudo species is the Marginated tortoise. Marginated tortoises are a Northern equator species found in Malta, Sicily Italy, and Greece.

Greek Tortoise (Testudo Graeca Iberia)

Range-Greek tortoises are found in the Mediterranean. The Greek tortoise lays claim to Northern Africa, Southern Europe(Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey). They are also found in Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and sometimes Georgia and Azerbaijan. Habitat- Depending on which … Read More »

Steppe Tortoise (Agrionemys Horsfieldii)

Steppe Tortoise (Agrionemys Horsfieldii)Range-Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Western China. Habitat-Steppe tortoises live in very dry climates with shrubbery and very sparse grass. They are prone to some seriously harsh winters. They are a very active species that endures rightfully so given … Read More »

Egyptian (Testudo Kleinmanni)

Range – Egypt and Libya are the Egyptian tortoises range, although this species is very near extinction in the nation of Egypt. They can still be found in the coastal regions of Libya. Habitat – Dry deserts and semi-arid landscapes comprise the … Read More »