South America

South America

Tortoises from South America

South America presents a very unique climate for tortoise species. Most are tropical to sub tropical forest dwellers. However the desert and sub tropics regions do present a variety of different species of old world species. The ever so popular species along the islands of Galapagos are within these regions as well. South America presents 4 genus, 15 species, and 21 subspecies of tortoises.

The islands of Galapagos present some of the most endangered species of tortoises. The only desert or arid topography found tortoise in the Patagonian desert is severely endangered due to habitat destruction and pet trade export.

Yellow Foot (Chelonoidis Denticulata)

  Range-South America. These species of tortoise is very similar to the red-footed tortoise(Chelonoidis Carbonaria). Yellow-Foot tortoises are found in deeper forest regions. Whereas the red-foots are found in more outlined forest savannas, than in the actual forest. The yellow-foot … Read More »

Red-Foot (Chelonoidis Carbonaria)

Range – South America along the outskirts of the Amazon Basin. Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and regional Islands Trinidad/Tobago, Barbados, and Corn Island. Habitat – The range of the Red-Foot tortoise is tropical … Read More »

Chaco (Geochelone Chilensis)

Range – Chaco tortoises are found in the Chaco desert regions of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. The Gran Chaco is a diverse style of desert in South America. The northern region of the Gran Chaco is the dry region where the … Read More »