Support A Tort: A Cause For Claus!

Christmas fundraiser for the non-profit organization, San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center.

Support Wildlife Fundraiser!

Donating to San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center’s Cause for Claus allows you to:

  • Support San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center this Christmas.
  • Help build shelters for outdoor tortoises that will keep them warm.
  • Feed hungry tortoises and turtles.
  • “Share” the cheer this year with friends and family with a Thank You post from SBWNC.

Make this holiday season a memorable one and sponsor a tortoise with a CAUSE FOR CLAUS! Donate above and get all the benefits  instantly.

San Benito Wildlife and Nature Center is proud to announce our first annual CAUSE FOR CLAUS event. All donations to CAUSE FOR CLAUS support the wildlife habitat for a tortoises housed at the facility. When you donate $5 or more, SBWNC will send you a Facebook post with a photo of a tortoise (or turtle) you’re supporting and his/her background. With over 400 tortoises and turtles, we have lots of CAUSE FOR CLAUS this year!